Author Talk: ‘The Charleston Gambit’ by Stuart Bennett

Join us today, April 20th, from 2-4 pm at the Bluffton Library for a talk by Stuart Bennett on his novel The Charleston Gambit:

The Book: Set in 1780-81 shortly after the Siege of Charleston, The Charleston Gambit is a rousing tale of the Revolutionary War, rife with historical details of the little-known British Lieutenant-Colonel Lord Rawdon (later Lord Moira, Governor-General of India) and his struggles with the Rebels in the back country of South Carolina. We meet many of the real-life British soldiers, learn much about colonial fashion and social life and the unrelenting fevers plaguing these Royal “visitors,” face head-on issues of slavery and Plantation life, and we are treated to an engaging love story for young Rawdon and a Colonial miss. Bennett is a fine guide to the real and imagined life in these turbulent times – I did not want it to end! (And the historical note is worth the price of admission!)

There will be no plot spoilers!

Light refreshments served; books will be available to purchase, proceeds to benefit Friends of the Bluffton Library.

The Author: Stuart Bennett is an author and antiquarian bookseller in Charleston. He became a Christie’s auctioneer in London in 1976, started his ongoing rare book business in 1980, and has published widely on both sides of the Atlantic.  The Charleston Gambit is his fourth novel.

Hope to see you there!


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