The FOBL Bookstore

The FOBL Bookstore is run by a cadre of volunteers who keep the shelves supplied with a variety of gently used paperbacks, hardcovers, and DVDs on all possible subjects. Here you will find fiction, literary classics, mysteries, non-fiction, cookbooks, gardening, self-help, and all manner of titles.

Prices vary, but are without a doubt the best deal in Town! Please visit the Bookstore in the right-hand corner of the library as you enter from the lobby.

“One cannot have too many books.”

Well, sometimes we can! And the Friends of the Bluffton Library are ready and able to help with your decluttering / downsizing / spring cleaning projects. Some books you have to keep of course, what is a room without books after all; but why not share those you no longer need with the Bluffton community? We are happy to take them and all proceeds from our Bookstore sales will be used to support the Bluffton Library programs.

If you wish that your donated books be added to the Library’s collection, please contact the FOBL at:

For donations of more than 20 books, or to learn more about book donations, please contact the FOBL at:



Please follow these guidelines on what we accept: [you can leave your donations at the designated spot at the side door of the library.]

YES PLEASE: all in Good or better condition with covers intact

  • Hardback & paperback fiction less than 10 years old
  • Non-fiction books less than 10 years old
  • Exceptions:
       – Classics
       – Coffee Table
       – History
       – Books by Southern Authors and about the South
       – Rare Books
  • Children’s books
  • CD’s and DVD’s in working condition

NO THANK YOU: [If your books don’t meet our guidelines, try Goodwill before discarding.]

  • Moldy, musty or smoky books
  • Textbooks or Magazines
  • Encyclopedias
  • Medical and Legal Books and Journals
  • Multi-volume sets (such as National Geographic or Time-Life)
  • Outdated Business or Computer books
  • Abridged books (Reader’s Digest, etc.)
  • Books with torn pages, covers or bindings
  • Books with underlining or highlighting
  • Audio Cassettes or VHS Tapes

Thank you!

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