The Giving Tree at the Bluffton Library

The Friends of the Bluffton Library Giving Tree was created to honor those donating to the original building campaign in November 2002. Brass and copper leaves are inscribed with the names of individual and corporate donors.

The Giving Tree is located inside the Bluffton Library doors in the Friends Bookstore section [to the right as you enter from the lobby area].

Last week, we added three new leaves to the Tree! And we offer a hearty Thank You to these generous donors: Gwendolyn Fox, Vera Rogers, and Lois Nora.

The Giving Tree donation categories are:

  • Copper leaves: $500 – $1,400
  • Brass leaves: $1,500 – $50,000
Dr. Gwendolyn Fox
Ms. Vera Rogers
Dr. Lois Margaret Nora
From left: Vera Rogers, Lois Nora, Gwendolyn Fox,
and Kitti McKean (Bluffton Library Manager)


The Bluffton Library depends upon donations through the their Friends organization [a 501(c)(3)] to offer support for materials and programs that exceed the library’s limited budget. Now that Bluffton is fully open once again and all manner of programs are on offer, we continue to depend on the generosity of members of our community.

Whatever you can donate in support of the FOBL, we welcome any amount you can offer and we are grateful for it. You can find a Membership / Donation form here:

Thank you again to our newest Leaf Donors!

[Photos courtesy of Jennifer D.]

©2022, Friends of the Bluffton Library

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